Shaping The Future With ESG

Listen now (74 min) | The fact that politicians are in the business of accumulating power and wealth while corporations are in the business of accumulating wealth and influence makes this a natural marriage in our time. They each want their fingers in every crevasse of the world for their own purposes, but they’re good enough at propaganda to convince the average blue pill that the latest bailout that redistributes their wealth to the bankers and corporations is good for every party involved, and in all actuality it is going to create more wealth for them then it will for the banks and corporations. This is pretty standard operating procedure when you’re discussing the partnership between the public and private sector. Unfortunately when you bring up Klaus Schwab or the WEF in regards to their influence over governments a lot of people have been so subjected to the mainstream propaganda that they’re unable to even consider the unholy matrimony that is taking place… Elephant in the room – NWO: We’ve all heard the guys running around claiming the “New World Order” idea is the construction of a totalitarian world government that will be oppressive, but when George H W Bush or Clinton say New World Order I hear something else… When I first read The Grand Chessboard by Zbignew Brzenzki I was convinced the NWO was a reference to American hegemony around the world; spreading democracy by military intervention, but I noticed just underneath the geopolitics in the book Brzenzki was always referencing the oil and gas industries of the nations and as I’ve read more Brzenzki and other authors in the same vein I’ve concluded that the NWO is not American hegemony but corporate hegemony working in a conglomerate with countries around the world.

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